Femmechanics Manifesto

(adapted from Riot Grrrl Manifesto)

BECAUSE we crave bike spaces that are welcoming to US where WE feel included.

BECAUSE we want to make it easier for FTWs (femme/trans/women) to see other FTWs working on bikes so that we can share knowledge and strategies.

BECAUSE we want and need to encourage and be encouraged to define bike culture for ourselves: we can ride at our own pace, fix our own bikes, and be leaders in the BIKE REVOLUTION.

BECAUSE we don’t want to assimilate to cis-male bike culture, but want to revolutionize bike culture.

BECAUSE we are interested in creating non-hierarchical ways of being and forms of organizing in the bike scene,  and hierarchical teaching methods in our space.

BECAUSE we want to see more FTW cyclists out on the roads, working on their bikes, and being at the forefront of conversations about bike mobility.

BECAUSE we see fostering and supporting FTW spaces, community and FTW bike mechanics, riders and organizers as integral to wider cultural change.

BECAUSE we believe that by creating a supportive community for FTW cyclists we can create a space to talk about and combat racism, ableism, ageism, classism, body shaming, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism and discuss how these identities intersect within the bike movement and wider society.

BECAUSE we must take the wrenches into our own hands.

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