What is Femmechanics?

Femmechanics is a collective of people interested in biking. We focus on getting more FTW (femme/trans*/women/non-binary) cyclists comfortable and confident working and wrenching on their bikes. We want to facilitate a safe, supportive and fun environment for folks to learn how to fix their bikes.

People of all skill levels are welcome! You already know how to work on your bike? Great! You don’t know anything about your bike other than you like to ride it? Awesome!

Where would I find Femmechanics?

Join the Facebook group for discussion and announcements or sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on events, and come join us! You can also follow us on Instagram for updates. We partner with local bike shops to provide open-shop time (aka Grrrease Time) and are also hosting a variety of events.

What do you do at Femmechanics?

Grrrease Time is our most comment event, which is generally open-shop time consists of a short workshop about a certain mechanic skill (fix a flat, adjusting brakes, best practices for cleaning your bike, etc.) and then open-shop time where anyone can work on their bike and we’ll do our best to help you out and teach you what you need to know. During open-shop bike stands are first come, first serve and everyone might not be able to get their bike in a stand, but we will do our very best. We want you to have the tools in your hands, and we encourage you to learn together.

We also have casual rides, bike camping trips, and other social events where we can connect over bikes!

What does FTW mean?

FTW stands for femme, trans*, and women (it also stands for For the Win! FTW cyclists for the win!). Our space is meant for any and all people who identify as part of that demographic. We are not just for feminine-of-center people, because transmasculine and non-binary folks are welcome as part of our space.

Traditionally the bike world has been dominated by cis-men (cis means that someone identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth), and we are trying to make this a space for people who have been excluded from that. We provide a supportive space for FTW cyclists to empower themselves and to feel confident within the wider bike community.

What does ‘safe space’ mean at Femmechanics?

Grease Rag of Minneapolis has a great way of explaining safer space that we’ll quote here:

Safer spaces are spaces where we try to identify and fight oppression, which can take the form of sexism, racism, transphobia, etc. We attempt to make safer spaces through facilitation, sharing preferred gender pronouns, not policing bodies, and creating an atmosphere of respect.

During our open shop nights, facilitators are in the space to make sure that FTWs are getting priority in the space, the shops promote our inclusive policies, and our allies are proactive and respectful of the space. We encourage participants to approach facilitators with any concerns in person or through email.

Also check out The Fort Co-Op’s anti-oppressive community poster. It is another great example of what Femmechanics is striving to create in our space.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can contact us at femmechanics@gmail.com.

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