Femmechanics is a group of FTW (femme/trans/women) people who bike in the Boston area. We build community, teach and learn from one another, and create safer, inclusive spaces for FTW folks to empower themselves within the bike world. We wrench, ride bikes, organize events, and more! We are a horizontally organized group so anyone and everyone can be a leader.

We host an open-shop time, called Grrrease Time, for people to come learn more about working on their bikes, and to help others do the same. We try to promote an encouraging, supportive atmosphere for people to teach and learn from one another.

Right now we meet the second Monday of every month at the Boston Cyclist Union (BCU) Bike Kitchen in Roxbury (385 Dudley St) and at the end of the month (rotating date) at Broadway Bicycle School . Thank you to the BCU and Broadway Bicycle School for partnering with us to offer these spaces!

We also have a variety of rides, events and more going on at all times.  Learn more on our blog or by checking out the dropdown menu under ‘Events.’

This space is open to everyone who identifies as femme, and/or trans* and/or women, not just feminine of center folks!

Please check out our FAQ  and manifesto for more information.



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