Femmechanics Rides for Bike Lanes w/ BCU!

Spring is (sort of) here! We were going to go on a ride to Mt. Auburn Cemetery BUT our planned time overlapped with the Boston Cyclists Union’s Make Way for Bike Lanes Demonstration Bike Ride!

So! Join us as we join BCU to “demonstrate to the City of Boston that we need safe bike facilities connecting our neighborhoods, paths, and parks NOW!”

We’ll meet for a potluck picnic in the Esplanade before meeting up with BCU at Copley Sq. and beginning our ride around the Public Garden. More info on the event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/273676423044865/

**this meetup is for FTW (Femme/Trans/Women) folks, but the ride with BCU is open to all**

Quick & dirty info: Apr 23rd @ 1pm @ the boat docks on the esplanade (Boston side of the Paul Dudley White bike path)


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