Femmechanics Goes to Massmouth Story Slam

On Monday March 20, let’s meet up and watch a story slam!

Don’t know what a story slam is? Find out here: http://www.massmouth.org/specialevents/2017/3/20/passim-final-act-slam

The slam starts at 7 and goes til 9. We’ll meet at Club Passim at 6:45. Tickets are $10 ($12 after fees) and should be purchased in advance. Seating is either in seats or at tables of four. We have reserved two tables and can try to reserve more if there is interest.

A(n optional) bike pool will be starting in JP and rolling to a stop at Landry’s on Comm Ave before continuing on the the slam:
5:40 – meet at Stony Brook T station
5:45 – roll out
6:15 – stop at Landry’s to pickup any folks who want to join there
6:45 – arrive at Club Passim

There will probably also be some of us meeting up at a location in Harvard square before the slam (and, of course, people can hang out after if they’d like). Stay tuned for details!

*While this is a femme/trans/women event, the space itself will not be.


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