Grrrease Time now at Broadway Bicycle!

Last week we hosted our first Grrrease Time at Broadway Bicycle and it was a great success! THANKS to everyone who came out and to Broadway for hosting.

We’ll be there towards the end of every month from 6:30-8:30pm. The exact day will change so be sure to check our blog, Facebook, or Instagram for specifics. We are thrilled to be back on the north side of the river and hope to see more FTW folks from Cambridge and Somerville.

There were plenty of space and stands for everyone who came to work on projects and also to overhear and learn from projects that were happening around them. Broadway Bike’s mechanic, Kate, was on hand to offer her expertise and troubleshoot with those who needed.  There was a lot of general maintenance, cleaning, and chain work as people tried to reverse the impacts of winter and road salt, prepared for longer rides, and were thinking of cycling again with the promise of warmer weather. We also had people working on derailleurs and brakes, building bikes, and fixing flats.

We can’t wait for the next Grrrease Time at Broadway Bicycle in May!




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