Wompatuck State Park – Femmechanics First Bike Camping Trip!

Femmechanics first bike camping trip is in the bag!

An amazing group of 24 FTW adverturers met up Saturday morning to shuffle around gear, exchange names and take off on an adventure!  We had two different routes, a 12 mile taking the ferry to Hull, and a 21 mile biking from Jamaica Plain to Wompatuck.

The long ride leaving JP. Photo credit: Natalie Brady
The short ride on the ferry! Photo credit: Ellen Bechtel

The 21 mile group showed up and we all had different set ups.  There were fixies, rear racks, backpacks, front racks, road bikes, hybrids, legit brand new touring bikes and everything in between!

We left a little late, promptly got lost in Franklin Park and met up with the earlier group as they were fixing a flat.  We ate lunch and got back on the road.  It was HOT.   Low 90s and sunny for the whole ride.

Photo credit: Natalie Brady

Once we arrived at camp we quickly set up and organized groups to go on beach and ice cream trips, hoping to beat the predicted thunderstorms.  The 12 mile group met up with us (having already gotten their ice cream!) and we set off along the awesome paved bike paths that wove throughout the park.

Midway through a peppermint sugar cone the skies opened up.  Thunder and lightning followed us as we biked to Stop & Shop (Thank you for your support!).  A super efficient shopping trip was followed by 10 minutes of huddling under the canopy for the heaviest storms to pass.  Then our chain of 15 grocery carrying bikers headed back in the most awesome lightening lit ride through Wompatuck.  It was also a bit like a game of frogger as the rains had brought out all our amphibious friends from the forest.

Photo Credit: Natalie Brady

It took some time to get the fire started in the rain but with the help of dry newspaper and some super skilled FTWs we began roasting our veggie dogs, heating up beans and roasting marshmallows.  Two ukuleles emerged from panniers and eventually a ranger came around, complemented our singing but asked us to respect quiet hours.  Whoops!

The rain continued through the night but we were able to dry out our shoes at the fire the next morning.  Three groups headed back to Boston, one on the long route, one straight to the ferry and one to the beach then ferry!

Photo Credit: Ellen Bechtel

Despite probably the worst storm Boston has had this summer, we still had an amazing trip.  Roughly half the group didn’t know anyone else before coming on the trip, some folks tackled the longest ride they’d ever done, and everyone came together in the face of flats, forgotten supplies, wet tents and a few falls.

Photo Credit: Ellen Bechtel

Can’t wait to bike and camp and bike some more with all of you!

❤ the Planning Committee

Ellen, Kate, Natalie, Marissa and Yun

Check out all the photos on Facebook.  And make sure you join the email list to come camping with us next time!

Photo Credit: Brenna Cyr

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