Progressive Brunch!

On October 18th we had our first amazing Progressive Brunch!

The weather might have been a bit colder then we’d hoped for, but warm cider, hot pancakes and piping hot tofu scramble (along with biking 13.6 miles..) warmed us right up.

Pancakes at Natalie’s!

Our first two stops were in Somerville with hosts Natalie, Crystal and Leandra.  Natalie had pancakes and hot chocolate and Crystal and Leandra had amazing mimosas, hot cider, coffee cake and tofu scramble.

Thank you Crystal and Leandra!

Next up we went to JP to Marlene’s house for an amazing assortment of hot and iced tea and coffee.  Just a few slices of plum danish later and we each rolled home.

Yay Brunch!  Thank you Marlene!!

Can’t wait for the next one!

❤ the Planning Committee

Ellen, Jasmine & Natalie


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