Femmechanics New Year’s Card Swap

card swap

Hello Babes!

Is there a snail-mail-shaped hole in your life? Got a lot of craft supplies you need to use up? Want to pass on the end-of-the-year love to another awesome biking babe in Boston? Use the form below to sign up to participate in the 2015 Femmechanics Very Awesome New Year’s Card Swap!

Sign up with your name and a mailing address on this form by December 10th. You’ll be secretly and randomly matched with a babe by December 12th. When you are matched with your secret Babe, we encourage you to research your them and get to know them a little bit so you can send them an awesome card that makes them really feel loved. Then put your card in the mail NO LATER than Dec 28th so your Babe can feel the love when the New Year rolls in! On New Year’s Day we’ll start an Appreciation thread here in this group.

Anyone in the Femmechanics Facebook Group can sign up, and feel free to share the signup with any other FTW (Femme, Trans, or Woman…for the win!) cyclists in the Boston area who want some extra love to bring in the New Year.

Reveals: Please reveal your identity when you send your card, and be sure to include a return address on the envelope. Including a return address is a safety measure so that people don’t have to accept envelopes from unknown senders, and so that envelopes can make their way back to the sender in the event that something goes awry with the mail. Since we’ll be revealing our identities in the cards, on New Year’s Day we’ll have an appreciation thread on the Femmechanics Boston Facebook group to share the love.

Swaplifting: Don’t do it! Getting a card from the swap but not giving one is not cool. We will make some exceptions for extenuating circumstances (in which case, email femmechanics@gmail.com so that we can let your Swapper know that their card will be late), but this is not license to flake. “I ran out of time,” or “It slipped my mind,” aren’t okay reasons – don’t be that kid!

Whew! That was a lot of information. Just to be clear, here are all the major dates:

1. December 10th – last day to sign up for the New Year’s Card Swap
2. December 12th – get matched with your Secret Babe
3. December 28th – last day to put your card in the mail
4. January 1st – receive your card, start the appreciation Facebook thread, and share the FTW love!

Sign up here to get in on the FTW card swap fun!


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