Why are you here?


We want to include YOUR voices in the upcoming CLARIS Femmechanics Zine, so we are accepting page submissions! You can always let us know any and all of your ideas for this and future zines, but this is a call for stories and individual experiences loosely around the theme of \\ WHY I’M HERE // to be included in CLARIS.

These are meant to be short stories/anecdotes/creative pieces that show zine readers that Femmechanics is made up of actual human beings. We wanna show faces, hearts, individual voices, and the diverse stories that bring us together. So tell us!

Why is a femme, trans, and women-only cycling community important to YOU? What brought you to Femmechanics, and what made you stay if you did? Why do you want to get wrenchy and ride with other babes? Stories, anecdotes, poems, photos, collages, doodles – get creative with it.

Submission info:

  • Please attach 1 or 2 half-page (8½ x 5½ inches) PDF scans of your ready-to-print zine page, OR send us some typed text and we’ll write it up into a zine page for ya.
  • Please email them to femmechanics@gmail.com by December 5th!

image credit: @beena.lynn


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