Calling doodlers of all levels!


Calling all FTW zine lovers, artists, illustrators, cartoonists, writers, makers, movers, shakers, doodlers of any level! We are making a Femmechanics Zine and we really need your help! We need your creative skills and enthusiasm as we put together this introductory/educational/super fun zine.

What’s a zine, you say?

Volume 1 of the Femmechanics Zine series will be called CLARIS.

Shimano, which is one of the biggest bike part manufacturers in the world, makes a couple of different levels of components. We’re gonna start with the entry level components – the Claris. Good for the bike-curious and cyclists who are just getting started, Claris is your entryway into a lifetime of awesome biking. In fact, you might outgrow Claris pretty fast because it’s so easy to get hooked on biking and justice and we pretty much guarantee that you’ll want more.

This zine will be for everyone who wants to take the wrenches into their own hands in the name of social and cycling justice everywhere.

Contents of Claris (so far!):

  • Femmechanics mission, manifesto, and info on how to get involved
  • “Why FTW? Why is this so important?”
  • Glossary of social justice/sex/gender/sexuality terms
  • Pannier of Cismen Cyclists’ Privilege (inspired by the White Privilege Knapsack)
  • Short articles on things like “What does oppression look like in the bike community?” or “Shit Cismen Say to FTW Cyclists” and “Why do we care about pronouns?” and personal experiences of people here.
  • Comics! Fun art! Awesome pictures of us all!

If you wanna be a part of this in any way, comment here or email us at You can join us on Sunday Nov 15th for a Zine Crafternoon in JP, or you can help us refine our Google Doc of the glossary and the Privilege Pannier, or you can submit drawings, art and articles, or you can help us compile, print, and bind the final products, or you can help us distribute it as far and wide as we can. Or do all of these things!

Brought to you by Zine Team Stacey and Beena and your friendly neighborhood anarchivist, Ellen.

image credit: @KZiegs


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