Upcoming Femmechanics Events, Meetings, Trips and More!

(text from an email newsletter we just sent out)

Femmechanics has been busy rockin it all summer! With bike rides, a bike race, a bike camping trip, and wrenching galore, we are overjoyed to see Femmechanics’ numbers growing, leadership spreading, and FTWs feeling empowered and awesome as part of this group. Thank you to everyone who form a part of this wonderful community!
We are building on this momentum into late summer and fall, so this email is a little long.
Important Updates!
The organizing meeting on 8/24 has been cancelled! We are instead going to hold a half-day retreat in September or October in order to have more time to dig in deeper to some of the big questions of Femmechanics – structure, values, future, etc. Please fill out this doodle with your availability!
We are having a logo competition! Femmechanics is desperately in need of a logo, and we would love to have a friendly competition for a yet to be determined prize (it will be awesome. We promise.). We’re looking for a logo that expresses who we are – a group of FTW people who bike! Please submit your ideas (anything! everything!) by the end of the September to femmechanics@gmail.com, and we will vote on our favorite at the retreat and through the internet.
Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, August 26th – Grrrease Time at Hub Bicycle in Cambridge, 7-9PM!
Monday, September 14th – Grrrease Time at Bikes Not Bombs in JP, 7-9PM!
Wednesday, Septemmber 23rd – Grrrease Time at Hub Bicycle in Cambridge, 7-9PM!
Saturday/Sunday, September 26-27th – Bike Camping Trip to Holly Hill Farm!
Other Opportunities to Get Involved/Notes/Happenings:
– Interested in joining the Bike Camping Committee? They are having a meeting soon – fill out this doodle to find a meeting time.
– Charlotte is looking for people who are interested in helping with 2 different committees (Femmechanics Birthday Party planning group (we turn 1 in October!) and a Winter Biking Clinic Planning Committee), email femmechanics@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining either committee!
– The Femmechanics Progressive Dinner is postponed due to too many fun summer activities!  Date TBA.  Would you like to join us as we bike around Boston, eating a 4 course meal over a spread of 4 different locations?  Would you like to host a stop, or be a ride leader?  Join the planning group by emailing ellen.bechtel@gmail.com.
– Stay tuned for an apple picking ride and adventure this fall! Email ericarotman@gmail.com if you’re interested in helping plan the ride!
– Check out the photos from the bike camping trip! 24 FTWs, the vast majority who had never been bike camping before, rode to Wompatuck despite thunderstorms and totally rocked it!
As always – you can find us on our Facebook page, Facebook group, or our blog!
Bike on,
❤ Femmechanics

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