Babes Bike Boston Re-Cap

The first annual Babes Bike Boston alleycat has come and gone, and the event was a total success! In total, 58 FTW babes rode and raced through the streets of Boston. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing Copley Square full of babes buzzing with excitement, their bikes laid out across the lawn, and folks asking what the heck is going on.

Photo Credit: Stacey Lantz
Photo Credit: Stacey Lantz

As organizers of the event, we are so proud of everyone who participated – people who rode, people who raced, and people who decided to push themselves to try something new. We are especially proud of folks who showed up to the pre-Babes ride and to Babes alone, because it takes a lot of courage to show up to an event and not know anyone! We believe it says a lot about the environment that Femmechanics is trying to create – that people felt like they could show up to this by themselves knowing they would still have a great time.

We’re also proud of the feedback we received about the event being a trans* and genderqueer inclusive event. Folks came up to us to say that it was the first time that they had really felt included in the bike scene. That is what Femmechanics is all about! (But please keep on giving us feedback so we can continually improve Femmechanics as a safe space for all FTW babes!)

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped run checkpoints, took photos, and helped out at the finish line – this wouldn’t have been possible without you. It feels great to know that our Boston bike community has our back!

Photo Credit: Kate Ziegler
Photo Credit: Kate Ziegler

We also want to give a special thanks to all the sponsors of the event. We received a humbling amount of support from the community for this event, and we believe that really speaks to the fact that bike companies, local bike shops, and local businesses want to support FTW bike culture. Remember – support them because they support you! Thanks Surly Bikes, Banjo Brothers, Twin Six, Craft, Trash Bags, Kryptonite, Back Bay Bicycles, Revolution Bicycle Repair, Pike Powder Coating, Fyxation, Giant, Somervelo, Marathon Sports, Red Bones, Bern, Bikes Not Bombs, El Pelon, Tres Gatos, Diesel, Cuisine en Locale, Flatbread, Cuppow, Al FreshCo, Bella Luna, Ula Café, Boston Organics, Hubway, JP Licks, and Landry’s.

Photo credit: Camilo Atehortua
Photo credit: Camilo Atehortua

Of course, a huge thank you Flat Top Johnny’s for hosting an awesome after-party! It was so awesome to see lots of folks come out to the finishline to celebrate all the rad FTW babes who participated.

full page babes flyer

A special shout out to Kate Ziegler (also part of the organizing team) for putting together all the great graphics!

You can check out all the photos on our facebook album here, and race and ride results below!

Thanks, and see you at next year’s Babes Bike Boston!

❤ The Babes Organizing Team

Brittany, Charlotte, Chelsea, Erica, Jess, Kate, Lisa and Stacey

RACE Name Time Elapsed Time
1 Andy Rosevear 5:27 1 hr, 22 mins
2 Caitlin Menotti 5:33 1 hr, 28 mins
3 Leandra Solis 5:38 1 hr, 33 mins
4 Steph Braman (1st Rookie) 5:38 1 hr, 33 mins
5 Natalie Brady 5:47 1 hr, 42 mins
6 Sandy (2nd Rookie) 5:47 1 hr, 42 mins
7 Amelia Smith (1st Out-of-Towner) 5:47 1 hr, 42 mins
8 Ginny Trufan 5:47 1 hr, 42 mins
9 Mugzy 5:51 1 hr, 46 mins
10 Michelle Frattaroli 5:51 1 hr, 46 mins
11 Ashely Kies (3rd Rookie) 5:57 1 hr, 52 mins
12 Argie Sassi 5:58 1 hr, 53 mins
13 Cait Matten 5:58 1 hr, 53 mins
14 Robert Burns 6:11 2 hr, 06 mins
15 Sofia Chardelle Freed 6:13 2 hr, 08 mins
16 Barbara Jackson 6:15 2 hr, 10 mins
17 Hannah Campolo-Rich 6:15 2 hr, 10 mins
18 Ann Marie 6:15 2 hr, 10 mins
19 Caralyn Gaebler 6:15 2 hr, 10 mins
20 Josie 6:18 2 hr, 13 mins
21 Christy Cornett 6:19 2 hr, 14 mins
22 Tamara Bern 6:19 2 hr, 14 mins
23 Jessie 6:19 2 hr, 14 mins
24 Ruthie 6:19 2 hr, 14 mins
25 Vienna 6:21 2 hr, 16 mins
26 Amanada 6:21 2 hr, 16 mins
27 Emily 6:21 2 hr, 16 mins
28 Brenna 6:21 2 hr, 16 mins
29 Sarah Dyson 6:23 2 hr, 18 mins
30 Aleta Wiley 6:24 2 hr, 19 mins
31 Lucy 6:46 2 hr, 41 mins
32 Sam Layco 6:46 2 hr, 41 mins
33 Molly 6:57 2 hr, 52 mins
34 Michelle Kwock (DFL) 6:57 2 hr, 52 mins
Caitlin Baker
Adrienne Epstein
Alyson Murray
Michelle Gurel
Minnie (Youngest Rider – 11 years old!)
Rosario Coraria
Kristin Battis
Emily Reeves
Sarah Morgenstear
Belle Espina
Sophie Maki
Jen Kodi
Lauren Cross

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