Pre-Babes Casual Ride on Friday, July 10th

Join Femmechanics for a causal, slow roll as a warm-up to the Babes Bike Boston Alleycat. We’ll give you some tips on the route, chat about alleycats, answer questions, and then go for a chill ride leading to Boston Bike Party!

We’ll start at Flat Top Johnny’s at 6 PM for some hang times where you can meet other folks. We’ll start biking at 6:30 to an undisclosed stop that will be on the ride/race route the next day and take some time to answer questions about alleycats. Lastly, we’ll roll to Copley Square in time for you to meet up with Boston Bike Party Presents: Treasure Island!

This ride is for any/all of the following:
– FTW (Femme,Trans, &/or Women) babes who are SO EXCITED for Babes Bike Boston that they can’t contain their excitement until the next day.
– People who want to make friends!
– Babes looking for a riding buddy the next day.
– Babes who want to ask questions about what this whole alleycat thing is about and what to expect.
– FTWs looking for an extra edge by checking out one of the spots on the route.
– People looking for a group ride over to Boston Bike Party from Kendall!
– FTWs who like to ride bikes!
– You!


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