Babes Bike Boston Prize Teaser Part I

Prizes have been rolling in for Babes Bike Boston over the last few weeks, and with each envelope and package that arrives we’ve been feeling extra grateful to our community. The response from local bike shops, local restaurants and cafes, bike brands, bike accessories, and other businesses has been AWESOME. Everyone we’ve talked to has been super excited to sponsor BBB and to support FTW (femme/trans/women) bike events.

We’ve been watching the prizes come in and we can’t wait to hand out this awesome swag and more at the afterparty at Flat Top Johnny’s. We’ll be giving out prizes in just about all categories: podium, last, costumes, teams, spirit, and some other surprises as well. And you know that there will be a great raffle too!

For now check out a preview of a tiny portion of the stuff that’s come in so far from Trash Bags, Fyxation, Craft and Surly.




And remember – support them because they support you!


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