Bike Camping at Wompatuck State Park!

Femmechanics is going camping!  We’ll leave on Saturday August 15th, camp overnight in Wompatuck State Park, then return on Sunday August 16th.  In case of rain, we’ll cancel (not postpone).

Femmechanics is going CAMPING!

Want to join? Sign-ups are open until Friday July 31st!  Cost of the trip is sliding scale $10-20 per person, and all extra money will go to support more awesome Femmechanics events and stuff!

Can’t make it but want to support another camper? Use the same form to lend your camping gear for the trip. Or send a donation via Venmo (@nataliebrady) or give cash to a Femmechanics organizer in person at an upcoming event.

We’ll do a test ride of the route in the afternoon of either Monday July 27th or Friday August 7th.  Want to come with?  Fill out the form!

The Ride

Each route is no-drop, and will have a lead and a sweep. We will email out specific meeting instructions for each group closer to the date.
  • Long Route is 30 miles each way. – We will stop for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, everyone can buy or bring their own lunch.
  • Short Route is 12 miles each way, and will include a gorgeous ferry ride. – We will take the 1pm Ferry from Long Wharf Boston, arriving in Hull at 1:25pm. – We will take the returning 12pm/2pm/4pm Ferry from Hull, arriving in Boston 20 mins later. – Remember that tickets are $8.50 each way. Please bring cash for ticket, or let us know if you need financial assistance.

The Food

Femmechanics will provide food for Saturday Camp dinner and Sunday Camp breakfast.  Both meals will be omnivore, vegetarian and vegan friendly.  Riders should plan to bring snacks or money for lunch or snacks on the ride Saturday and Sunday.

The next bike camping trip will be September 26th and 27th to Holly Hill Farm, mark your calendars!


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