November Femmechanics – November 10th!

Hey Everyone!

The second Femmechanics is just 6 days away! One very notable thing that has happened in the last month: winter has arrived. I’m sorry to break this news to you if you were in denial, but I saw snow on Sunday morning, so I’m officially declaring the beginning of winter biking season. When I thought about that for more than 5 seconds, I remembered that I am totally not prepared for this season. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So let’s talk about winterizing bikes, winter bike commuting tips, and more this month!

From Bikey Face
From Bikey Face

Meet at the Bikes Not Bombs Bike Shop (18 Bartlett Square) from 7-9 PM Monday, November 10th. We’ll talk about how to winterize your bike, winter bike commuting tips, and have open-shop time for any bike projects you’re working on.

Please remember that if you’re going to buy a lot of parts to swing by the shop ahead of time. We’ll be able to sell smart parts during Grrrease Time, but ca$h only!


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